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Sightseeing tour Poltava Museum of Long-Range Aviation

Sightseeing tour  Poltava Museum of Long-Range Aviation
We invite you to visit the museum of long-range aviation in the open air, which is situated on the territory of the air base A2673 in Poltava.
 Exposition of this air museum has seven planes: Tu-160 strategic bomber,  Tu-95 MS turboprop strategic bomber- rocket carrier, Tu-22 M3 long-range supersonic bomber - rocket carrier with changeable geometry of the wings, Tu-22 KN passenger jet,  Su-15 UM fighter-interceptor, Tu-16 medium-range bomber.

 Poltava airfield was built in 1944 for "shuttle" bombing of German territory by the allies.
 Now you have a great opportunity to visit a secret military facility and see the unique collection of military aircraft.

The total tour time is 3 hours.

To apply, please contact:
E-mail:, ICQ 576448164

06.04.2012 07:47